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Now You See Me (2013)
Tonight's Feature Presentation


Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman

Written By: Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin & Edward Ricort (also story)

Directed By: Louis Leterrier

The Shot

Now You See Me is simply one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in a long time.  A smart, slick caper with a wink and a nod, this flick is a great escape that retains its appeal even after you learn how the tricks are done.  Just sit back and enjoy the show.

The Highball

What Kind Of Cheese Is It?


Delicious.  Better grab it before it disappears.

Pairs Well With...


Yummy stuff, and the gold flakes make for some fabulous misdirection.

“Whatever is about to follow, whatever this grand trick is, is really going to amaze.  Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.”

At its best, magic amazes, inspires, and delights, transporting audiences to a world where all things are possible, and where what cannot be none the less is.  The same holds true for movies.

Given the level of sophistication that has been reached by modern special effects technology, it’s become increasingly difficult for those two forms of entertainment to come together while still allowing the audience to fully suspend disbelief.  (For surely, the camera operator must be complicit with Mr. Copperfield in hiding the Statue of Liberty.)  But when a group of artists come together with just the right magic touch… then, my friends, the door opens to allow for one major peanut butter and chocolate scenario.

Behold the wonder that is Now You See Me, one of the single most delightful films I’ve watched in a long time.

It starts off with four well crafted vignettes that introduce the audience to four very different types of magicians working at very different levels of the food chain.  After performing their signature acts, each discovers a tarot card directing them to a rundown apartment building in New York City at a particular date and time.  They’re all surprised to see each other, but they’re even more surprised but what they discover inside Apartment 6A.

One year later, our magicians are appearing together on stage in Las Vegas as The Four Horsemen, and they promise to end their show with the greatest trick of all time.  Right there, from the stage, they’re going to rob a bank.

I could tell you more, but that would spoil the show…

I’m not going to say that Now You See Me is a technically perfect movie. Like any savvy audience at a magic show, intellectually, I know that there’s some sleight of hand being pulled with a few plot points and that no matter much the script’s confident explanations want us to believe, some of the on screen tricks really could not be pulled off by live magicians without post production special effects, but it’s so well presented and artfully played that – again like any savvy magic show audience – I simply don’t care.  It’s fun.  It’s entertaining.  It draws me into its world and keeps me there.  I love the spectacle.  I dig the performances (even that of Jesse Eisenberg, whose “too much Red Bull” approach to acting usually does nothing for me).  The direction (and misdirection) is spot on. (When I was sure that I'd caught everything, Now You See Me still had some surprises up its sleeve. That's rare for me.) For two hours and change (of course I watched the extended cut that runs nine minutes longer), my disbelief is suspended… and even after the movie is over and I know all the ways that wool and silk handkerchiefs have been pulled over my eyes, I’m still enamored of by the magic of it all.

That’s what I call that a successful movie and mission accomplished. 

Again, I could tell you more, but that would spoil the show.

Instead, I invite you to see Now You See Me.  Last I looked, the difference between owning and renting this movie was two bucks.  Do yourself a favor and spend the extra two, because Now You See Me is definitely worth adding to your permanent library.

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- Reviewed by Ziggy Berkeley, June, 2016

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