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Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)
Tonight's Feature Presentation


Starring: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Sam Hazeldine, Michelle Yeoh, Tommy Lee Jones

Written By: Philip Shelby (also story), Tony Mosher, Rachel Long (story), Brian Pittman (story)

Directed By: Dennis Gansel

The Shot

Objectively speaking, Mechanic: Resurrection is an unnecessary sequel that blows its best scene in the trailer and otherwise falls pretty flat.  If you share my hitman bias and are generally partial to Jason Statham, however, it’s just fun enough to snack on as cheesy action mediocrity.

The Highball

What Kind Of Cheese Is It?


Just put it on a cracker and call it a snack.

Pairs Well With...


Like Mr. Bishop, you’ll find Heineken pretty much everywhere.  But this flick is definitely feeling a wee bit light.

“Bang!  You’re dead.”

Once upon a time, Charles Bronson starred in one of the best hitman movies ever made.  Just shy of forty years later, Jason Statham starred in an unnecessary but still fairly decent remake.  The original picture as presented made a sequel impossible.  The remake, of course, left the door open.

Well, well, well.  Five years later, and look what the cat dragged in…

I admit it: I was really stoked to learn that Mechanic: Resurrection was coming to the big screen.  I tend to like Jason Statham movies, I love the hitman genre, and I’ve got a soft spot for the flick that came before.

I admit it: those predispositions ended up heavily flavoring my eventual opinion of this film.

With that in mind, I’ll give you the unseasoned version first, wherein I force myself to admit that Mechanic: Resurrection is a major letdown in pretty much every respect that doesn’t involve location scouting.  (Rio, Sydney, big yacht, tropical island… so picturesque!) 

One expects the plot of an action flick to be threadbare, but this one’s little more than clumps of lint held together by static, assuming that those clumps of lint are a collection of way too many unwoven, unrelated notions that started out as parts of several different story ideas and then got swept into a single dustpan and declared a script.  Sure, we expect our hero to be dragged out of falsified death and retirement, but the only thing more ridiculous than the lure is the fact that he goes for it even after pointing out that he knows it’s a lure.  On the other hand, the half-baked origin story thing is pretty ridiculous, too.  And so’s the lack of adherence to the “it’s got to be an accident” gimmick… which may be a good thing, since only one of the movie’s kills even remotely resembles an accident.  And wait… why are we all here again?  Um, yeah; never mind.

But hey!  Action, right?  Well, kinda.  There are two fairly good action sequences that happen during Mechanic: Resurrection: the very first melee that kicks off the picture, and the big, over-too-quickly-but-it-sure-looks-pretty set piece kill that is completely spoiled by every piece of marketing material used to sell this movie.  The rest is fairly standard fare that isn’t up Statham’s usual snuff and that often looks like it got a little too much help in post production.  Sure, it works for popcorn, especially if you arrange the popcorn like dots ready to be connected with unsurprising choreography…

Maybe that’s why Jason Statham looks like he’s rethinking deciding to do Mechanic: Resurrection instead of Transporter: Refueled.  Oh, the attitude his fans expect is still there, and he’s still in outstanding shape, but his heart just doesn’t seem to be in this one.  Or maybe it’s just that he’s wondering what Jessica Alba is doing here.  She certainly looks like she’s wondering that very thing.  Or maybe she’s just contemplating how her character is introduced as a badass former special forces soldier but she’s none the less made to play the helpless damsel in distress from start to finish.  As for the guy playing the villain… yeah.  Yawn.  And how does one waste Michelle Yeoh like that?

But at least Tommy Lee Jones looks like he’s having fun collecting a paycheck for what looks like maybe two days’ work!



And despite everything that I know is wrong with Mechanic: Resurrection, I had fun with it, too.  Yeah, the story is senseless, and sure, the action is so-so, but dammit, I wanted to like this movie, and what’s more, I want to see more of these movies actually make it to theatres instead of moldering away on Netflix.  Besides, I went down the Cannon Films rabbit hole back in the day, so it’s not like I haven’t seen and enjoyed much worse.

So yes, I like Mechanic: Resurrection.

But I do so with the admission that I’m liking it specifically as a proud fan of cheesily bad movies, and that even though I’m happy to have paid full price to see it in a theatre, there’s no way I’d pay more than five bucks to own it.  Preferably as part of a multipack.

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- Reviewed by Ziggy Berkeley, October, 2016

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