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Links on the Rocks
Here are some places to check out when you're done with your visit to Cinema on the Rocks. We are, of course, not responsible for offsite content, but you knew that already.
You've read our interviews with them; now visit their websites!

The offical website of actress and indie filmmaker Wonder Russell.
The official website of five time World Karate Champion and actress Cynthia Rothrock..
The offical website of actor and indie filmmaker Jeff Kongs.
The official website of erotic thriller actress Monique Parent.

Looking for a second opinion, or a movie we haven't covered yet? Don't worry; we won't be offended if you visit these guys. Just be sure to visit us again, too!

Roger Ebert, may he rest in peace, is the godfather of all movie critics, and with good reason. The man deserves his props.
Lyz is one of my all time favorite reviewers of B movies. And yes, she does call herself a scientist. (Any rumors of a Frankenwombat being created in her lab are just rumors.)
The name says it all, brought to you by Matt the Movie Guy.
Hose and Shows
Actresses Wonder Russell and Lisa Coronado drink and talk movies in this awesome video review series. (Link is to their Facebook page.)
The site belonging to my old partner in crime, Kenner. He digs action, and he gets right to the point.
History shows again and again how these guys point out the folly of crap. Who needs stars when you've got lava lamps?
Greywizard delves into the world of "The Obscure, The Unknown, and the Little Shown." He's been at it for nearly a decade and a half, and he's still one of the best.
Mitch reaches deep into the dusty reaches of the video store and tells it like it is in succicnt fashion.

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So, what else is cool?

Four Eyed Radio Network (The FERN)
This podcast network hosts lots of cool stuff, like "Socially Awkward Studios," "The Fro Show," "Science and Beer," and hey, MY show: "Her Majesty's Secret Podcast"!

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