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The Collectibles
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interviews with the power posse

(heroes of the webseries "The Collectibles" )

The Green Room

The comedy webseries The Collectibles gives viewers an inside look at what life is like for the superheroes known as the Power Posse when they’re not busy foiling villains.  It is a world of filing, Powerpoint, and delicious Top Pot doughnuts.  It is… a corporate office.  Few are allowed inside, but after some careful negotiations that may or may not have involved an open tab at The Mop & Bucket, Ziggy was given unprecedented access to the CorpCo, Inc. offices, along with the chance to speak with the members of the Power Posse as individuals and together as a group.  What goes on behind cubicle walls?  Read on and find out!

With thanks to series writers/creators Todd Downing and Dan Heinrich for the character interpretation services.  Note to fans: these interviews take place between Episodes 7 and 8 of Season One.  Apparently, I just missed an unplanned chat with the Terrible Trio by a matter of hours.  Maybe next season…

The Interviews


Ziggy:   You could have been the Lord of Atlantis, but instead, you left your cousin Pablo in charge and brought your talents to America.  Why?

Aguaman:  I am the Lord of Atlantis. Pablo is just running things on my behalf; we consult all the time.  But shortly after we threw out my f---ing usurping uncle, some suit at CorpCo approached me with a pretty speech about how power as strong as mine belongs to the entire world.  And we figured it would be good PR for Atlantis.

Ziggy:   What do you have against sea turtles, anyway?

  They’re f---ing b-tches.  That’s what.  They helped my f---ing uncle usurp my throne.  They tried to play it off like they was duped, but I know they knew what they were doing.

Ziggy:  Your official Power Posse action figure looks nothing like you, but instead is molded after a generic bodybuilding hunk stereotype.  Do you think this sends an inappropriate message to kids by reinforcing unrealistic body images as ideals?

  Man, that was what I used to look like, before the accident.  If you don’t believe me, just ask all the super ladies.  If that’s unrealistic, I do not mind.

Ziggy:  What’s in the bottle, man?

  Black Manta Bourbon.  Atlantean whiskey, bro!  It’s like a thousand proof and can put hair on your hair’s hair.  


Ziggy:  Your entire family has some form of superpowers, and yet everyone but you has chosen to use them to… run a furniture business.  How does one apply superpowers to running a furniture business?

  Well my oldest brother keeps the books.  He’s the most brilliant man in the world, but only when he’s on the toilet.  My father can change his hands into a wide variety of power tools, so the family business rarely had to buy any.  I mean, my dad is The Tool.  So to speak.  One of my brothers secretes a high impact resin, which they use to protect all the custom woodwork.  Another brother can form raw materials into beautiful decorative shapes: he’s known as The Human Lathe.  And my mom can chew through any type of wood with surgical precision.  I won’t tell you what they call her.

Ziggy:  It’s often said that the most powerful person in any corporation is the one behind the front desk, because no one from outside can get anywhere without getting past that person, and no executive can actually do anything for him or herself.  So, are you the most powerful person at CorpCo?

  Well, I don’t like to brag, but considering the fact that I keep six superheroes and a sidekick organized and routinely route hundreds of phone calls every day with my mind, yeah.  Clearly.

Ziggy:  What am I thinking right now?

:  You know, I pick up on the pervy stuff superheroes and corporate douchebags think about all the time, but you’ve gotta win some new prize for depths of depravity.  I mean, the cheese I get.  But how would you even fit eight circus midgets and a live chicken on one trapeze?

Ziggy:  Well, the trick is to melt the cheese to the right consistency first.  After that, the rest is easy.

Receiver:  I suppose I should have said "why would you"...  I really didn't need to know the how. (Shudders)

Ziggy:   But building on the notion of "pervy stuff"... Given that you immediately pick up on all of the "pervy stuff" around you, and that everyone's thinking some form of it on a consistent basis, do you find that dating becomes impossible?  For example, that Merry Man gent seemed like a nice fellow, if a bit Ren Faire.  Without giving him a chance, how can you be sure that he wasn't actually a great date waiting to happen, or maybe even marriage material?

Receiver:  Dating is very, very tough.  Guys think so loudly - and simply - when they are trying to impress women.  And how they seem on the outside is certainly not the same as what they are thinking.  Merry Man is a prime example.  On the outside: cute in a dorky kind of way, polite, clueless.  On the inside: a seething mix of insecurity, lust, anger, and nihilism.  Trust me; there is no way on God's green Earth that Merry Man is marriage material.  Not even close.

Super Star

Ziggy:  What does “leadership” mean to you?

Super Star:
  Maps.  As a leader, I look at lots of maps.  There are tiny pictures on maps that tell you where things are.  It’s a pretty handy crime fighting tool, these maps.  But I can never get them folded again.  Why do they do that?

Ziggy:   What does “justice” mean to you?

Super Star:
  Justice means never having to say you’re sorry.  Unless you’ve broken the law.  Then you really should say you’re sorry.  Because you shouldn’t break the law.  Justice means giving everyone fair treatment.  In fact, I just beat a lot of fair treatment into Dr. Flaming Skull’s... skull.

Ziggy:  As the team leader, what do you find is the most difficult thing about the ongoing process of interviewing new applicants who want to join the Power Posse?

Super Star:  There’s nothing difficult about meeting new heroes.  Except when they are criminal
masterminds in disguise.  Or when they say really, really mean things.  Which is not what heroes do.  A hero should only say nice things and never, ever mastermind anything.  

Ziggy:  You always seem to look for the best in people and situations, which in this cynical world is almost a superpower in itself.  How do you stay so positive when you see such evil and chaos around you every day?

Super Star:
  Well, it’s not easy, Zippy.  But that’s why God invented naptime.  And pudding.  Just knowing I’m well-rested and full of crime fighting fuel helps me bring justice to the unjustful and gold stars to everyone else.


Ziggy:  How come you get a sidekick and no one else does?

  What, like it’s some kind of perk handed down by the CorpCo board?  I’m the only one who has taken on the responsibility of training a top tier crime fighter.  The others can’t be bothered.

Ziggy:  Ennui seems to be an excellent team player.  Why do you think CorpCo is going to all of this recruiting expense when it would seem perfectly logical to promote her from within?

:  CorpCo is not in charge of her training.  I am.  She’ll be ready to strike out on her own when I say she’s ready.  Got that, punk?

Ziggy:  Do you ever feel that you have to go further to prove yourself because your skills are the result of “normal” human dedication and training rather than “superhuman” powers?  Is there a “glass ceiling” or “invisible vertical shield” to overcome?

  What kind of doo doo pants question is that?  I am one of the three most popular super heroes on the entire planet.  If you count all the unlicensed sales in the Asian black market, my merch easily outsells any other hero or villain.  The only glass ceiling here is the one the suits try to impose on the gullible to hide their back room deals and secret contracts.  And one day, I will shatter it.

Ziggy:  Even though you uphold justice and the law and even teach kids to be respectful to one another, parents’ groups just don’t seem to like you.  You appear to take their enmity in stride and even make a game of it, but does it ever hurt to be looked upon as almost a villain amongst heroes to so many people?

  A game?  I save lives, and that’s no game!  The people who cry about what a bad role model I am either don’t see how deep the problems run or are helping to cover them up.  You aren’t one of those people... are you, Ziggy?


Ziggy:  You originally left your home not to be a superheroine, but rather, to run the pageant circuit.  What was the attraction for you there, and have you been able to apply your experiences from that world to your current endeavors?

  I have always seen myself as the champion of beauty; both interior and exterior beauty.  (They don’t always line up, you know.)  When the Friends of Under-Good-Looking Youth attacked my first pageant, instinct took over and I stood up for all the contestants who couldn’t stand up for themselves.  Afterwards I realized that the people behind FUGLY were so misguided attacking the beautiful instead of attacking the ones who try to pervert beauty.  I knew I was needed as a role model for more than exterior beauty.

Ziggy:  You seem to be the only member of the team who truly embraces all aspects of corporate culture.  Why is that?

  I wouldn’t say I embrace corporate culture, but I do see all the many ways a company like CorpCo can benefit the team.  The resources they provide us make our mission so much easier.  It is perfectly reasonable that the company wants to ensure those resources are used effectively.  The system can work very well if you give it a chance.... most of the time.

Ziggy:  How do meetings and presentations about market share help the Power Posse be more effective as a team?

:  Public perception is a powerful weapon.  When a villain sees the world’s best superheroes on his doorstep, the fight is halfway won.  When the thought that the Power Posse is no longer the best starts to creep in, issues arise.  It is up to each and every one of us to keep the team’s reputation in the forefront.  We didn’t start the Power Posse.  We’re just caretakers of a great legacy.

Ziggy:  Though officially your weapon of choice is listed as the bullwhip, it’s said that you’re actually at your deadliest with an invisible dagger.  Is that true?

  And it’s innuendoes like that than can kill a team’s reputation.  If you start making libelous claims about me stabbing people in the back, you will learn firsthand why it helps to have a multi-national corporation, with lots of high paid lawyers, in your corner.  We’re done here.

Shield Maiden

Ziggy:  Are you really always texting on your smartphone, or is that just a ruse?  And why isn’t your phone protected by an official Shield Maiden case from CorpCo?

Shield Maiden:
  No!  I am not always texting...  There are social media sites to update as well.  Being a superhero in the 21st century means managing a strong social media presence.  And those CorpCo cases tend to snap under... I mean, this case was a gift and it has strong sentimental value to me.

Ziggy:  It’s common for people to suggest that superheroes are or were actually good friends with the supervillains they fight.  Is that just comic book storytelling, or does it ever happen?  For example, it’s been said that you and Evil Hand might actually be or have been drinking buddies.

Shield Maiden:
  What??  (Laughs)  That is crazy!  I can categorically state that Evil Hand and I have never been drinking buddies.  That is just so wrong...  You know who makes a good drinking buddy?  Receiver. She has all the good dirt and she is the best wingman ever.

Ziggy:  When you were being questioned about your reduction surgery by senior management, you’d started to say “If I’d have known-” before you were cut off.  What were you going to say?  Do you have regrets, or are you proud of the stand you’ve taken?

Shield Maiden:
  I was going to say that if I had known the breastplate couldn’t be altered, I might have gone about it differently.  Worked out some way for the costume to fit better afterwards.  But, no I have no regrets.  The idea that I hate my body now or then is just completely and utterly wrong and ridiculous, and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly an insulting douchebag in an orange jumpsuit who needs a little head shrinking of his own... not that I want to go into specifics.  I don’t think I have taken a stand necessarily.  I was doing what was right for me no matter the consequences.

Ziggy:  Is that why Vance seems to be nervous around you?

Shield Maiden:
  Vance has so many reasons to be nervous around me your entire website doesn’t have room to list them all.  

The Quick Ziggy:  Does it ever bother you, not knowing who you used to be?

The Quick:
  Hmmm.  Random biochemist versus celebrity superhero.  I’m pretty good with who I am now.  So, no.  Not really.

Ziggy:  You’ve already altered your metabolism with your amazing energy formula.  Do you still need all of that coffee to keep it up, or do you just drink it now because it tastes good?  Is it always just coffee, or do you do the latte or macchiato thing every once in awhile?

The Quick:
  I don’t “need” it, per se.  But it helps keep me at peak productivity.  And yeah, I change it up.  I’ve probably sampled every kind of coffee drink there is, but I keep coming back to the old standby - quad shot cinnamon latte.  Gets the fire burning, son.

Ziggy:  Does it feel strange to you to return to normal speed, or is the transition something you’re able to take in stride?

The Quick:
  Stride.  I see what you did there.  I dunno; it’s always been kind of a normal thing, so I don’t really think about it.  I’m zipping around at hypersonic speed until I’m not.  So far, I haven’t had a problem.

Ziggy:  Has Death-Wish gotten you back yet for the signal emitter?

The Quick:
  He’s plotting something.  I do know that.  But first he’s gotta catch me.


Ziggy:  Officially, you're a sidekick, and yet you've shown yourself to be a very integral part of the Power Posse team.  Do you think you'll ever get your superheroic due as part of the "senior team"?  

Ennui:  One day, maybe.  (Laughs)  I don't know.  It's not really important to me to get caught up in the labels.  I help the team.  I help D-Dub.  That's all I really need.  

Ziggy:  One might consider some of your actions conspiratorial.  Death-Wish is always talking about conspiracies... are you part of a conspiracy? 

Ennui:  (Laughs) Only the conspiracy to help D-Dub rid the world of punks and crooks!  

Ziggy:  You're very perky, while Death-Wish is so serious.  Have you ever seen him laugh out loud?

Ennui:  He laughs all the time.  Usually it is when some punk who was scaring innocents is laid out on the floor crying in pain for his mommy.  "Mooooooommmmmmm-eeeeeeeeeee! It hurrrrrrrrrrrrtssssss!"  (Laughs)  It is pretty funny when that happens.  

Ziggy:  What exactly did happen during the incident that's since made Vance so scared of you?  

Ennui:  I really should have checked the safeties on all those guns that time.  D-Dub's modifications to his weapons mean they don't stack very well, and punks' blood is pretty slippery.  I should have been more careful (laughs), but I never expected all the guns to hit the ground and go off simultaneously.  Still, Vance really shouldn't have been in the basement anyway.  And flesh wounds don't hurt that much... although 14 would add up, I guess.  He really should get shot more often.  It would do wonders for him.  

Ziggy:  Why did CorpCo decide to get into the superhero business?

  CorpCo, Inc. is not in “the superhero business.”  CorpCo, Inc. has always believed in giving back to the community.  When the members of the Board saw the good being done by the heroes who originally formed the Power Posse, they wanted to help in any way they could.  Taking care of their financial and logistical needs was a natural fit and a true win-win-win for the team, the company, and the community.  

Ziggy:  How did you become the corporate-side manager of the Power Posse?

  Like many young boys growing up, I idolized the original members of the Power Posse and very much wanted to be one of them.  When it became apparent I would never develop the kind of awesome powers those heroes possessed, I was devastated at first.  But I soon learned about some of the many ways that the Power Posse is supported by CorpCo, Inc., and I knew that if I couldn’t be a hero myself, I would work super hard to support the ones who could.  Along the way, I discovered the closest thing I’ll ever have to a super power, and that is my ability to communicate.  I can take complex ideas and distill them down to their essence without losing the nuance and (I don’t like to brag, but it’s true) I have a strong ability to cut through the usual corporate-speak that can confuse so many people with its catch phrases and phony sounding jargon.  It’s a true asset.  The rest was just hard work and determination to create a cultural paradigm shift.

Ziggy:  Managing a team of superhuman resources must be especially challenging for a leadership asset such as yourself who possesses only a standard skillset package that is noninclusive of the sorts of abilities exhibited by your direct reports.  How do you compensate for this apparent deficiency and turn what some would see as a disqualification red flag into an effectiveness trait promoting positive performance and increasements of returns on shareholder equity?

  I don’t want to create a tension point by disagreeing with one of your insightful comments, but I do possess quantifiably more than “only a standard skill set package.”  It is true that I do not possess the heroic powers the team uses daily for the increasement of the greater good of the community at large.  But they see that hard work and determination I mentioned before and they respect how my contributions add value to the entire brand.  That plus my communication skills means we always have clear lines open to prevent the misunderstandments that can so often prevent full team integration and functionality.

Ziggy:  Do you feel like you’re part of the team?  

  The team and I are all part of the CorpCo, Inc. family.

Ziggy:  Do you have a secret superhero name for yourself when no one else is around?

  (Laughs) No, no of course not... Why?  Did Shield Maiden tell you something?  You know, that Shield Maiden loves to kid around with reporters.  Anything she said about that was surely just a joke... (laughs)  No seriously, did she say something?

The Collectibles

Ziggy:  You are by anyone’s estimation the most powerful group of superheroes that the world has ever seen.  What made you guys choose to affiliate with CorpCo rather than fighting evil on your own?

 The Power Posse was originally formed by Hyperbole! and was an independent team.

Super Star:  Hyperbole! was an awesome hero!  Truly the best.  And he was a mentor to me in many ways.  And in many other ways he was an amazing team leader.

The Quick:  (inaudible) ...his inability to manage a budget.

Ultrafemme:  Hyperbole! and the other heroes did not fully realize just how much time, energy, and money they would need just to manage the team logistics.

Vance:  That’s when CorpCo stepped in as concerned citizens and offered to assist, simply to aid in the betterment of the community.

Death-Wish:  That’s a pretty story.  You just left out the part where CorpCo actively sabotaged early Power Posse efforts to drive up costs and sent the team into its waiting arms.  Just like the car companies buying up all the electric rail car companies and then drumming them out of business.

Vance:  Haven’t we talked about watching what you say to the press?

Death-Wish:  Yeah.  We’ve talked about it.

Ultrafemme:  Actually, the original Power Posse was very close to hanging it all in before CorpCo stepped in.

Shield Maiden:  Now, if you want to be on the Power Posse, you’ve got to deal with CorpCo.

Ziggy:  What would each of you say the best thing is about working with this particular group of teammates?

Super Star:  The way the team always pulls together.  For justice!

Ultrafemme:  Ummm....

The Quick:  Well, there’s.... no.

Shield Maiden:  We, uhhh....

Aquaman:  Receiver makes the best coffee.

Receiver:  Great. Most powerful telepath in the world, and my best quality is my coffee.

The Quick:  You know, if you want great coffee...

Death-Wish:  We know.  You have an endorsement from a coffee company.  You don’t need to sell us every time you open your mouth.

The Quick:  I’m just saying.

Ziggy:  What surprises each of you most about your teammates?

 What Death-Wish really does with all that security footage.

Aguaman:  How mean spirited some people can be when they have had a little too much to drink.

The Quick:  How much the smell of seawater, fish, kelp and cheap bourbon sinks into everything.

Aguaman:  Ay!  My bourbon ain’t cheap!

Shield Maiden: The many ways they are still like adolescent boys.

The Quick:  What’s that supposed to mean?

Shield Maiden: Two words: eye contact.

Death-Wish:  How much they refuse to open their eyes and see the truth.

Ultrafemme:  The way the team can ride out a crisis, like say when a fight goes horribly wrong because we went charging in without good intelligence or tactics.  

Super Star:  The way the team always pulls together.  For justice!

Ziggy:  What is the most challenging plot the team has ever tackled, and how did you save the day?

Super Star:
 There have been so many challenging evil plots.  There was the Perilous Case of the Perilous Seat.  And everyone’s heard of the case we call The Trouble with Tickles.  That was no laughing matter.

The Quick:  The weirdest case was Psychopants Killer, Qu'est-ce Que C'est.

Ultrafemme:  When Falls The Angel was tough, too.

Vance:  Just to be clear, it wasn’t really an angel, just an angelic like being from an alternate dimension.  CorpCo, Inc. and its subsidiaries respect all peaceful faiths and make no attempt to prove or disprove the existence of any higher power.

Death-Wish:  If This Be Love wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

Shield Maiden:  The Last Gasp of The Jumper was tough, too.

Aguaman:  How ‘bout the case of the Commercial Albacore Fishing in Prohibited Waters and Nobody Cares so Someone Went Out Solo and Got Hurt and Still No One Cares.... Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  

Ziggy:  What was your proudest moment as a team?  

 The look of fear in some punk’s eye when he realizes the world of pain he’s just brought on himself... vis a vis my boot.

Ultrafemme:  Whenever a young person comes up to me and says how much I… I mean the team inspires them and how they want to try and help others, too.

Super Star: Young people inspiration is wonderful indeed.  I was going to say when the team pulls together for justice, but I like her answer better, so I want that to be my answer, too.

Shield Maiden:  Sure, inspiring young people.  Why not.

The Quick: Sounds good to me.

Receiver: Yeah.  Great.

Aguaman:  I was going to say the way the team rallies around when one of us gets hurt, but inspiring young people is good too.

Vance:  Death-Wish, do you maybe want to... revisit your answer?

Death-Wish:  Sure.  I’m ‘specially proud the times we’ve made those punks pee their pants, too.

Ziggy:  Who would you say your most dangerous foe is, and why?

Super Star:
 Dr. Flaming Skull is quite diabolical.  It’s such a shame he is evil.  Just think if that brilliant mind were turned to good uses.  What kind of awesome inventions he could come up with!  Why, he could tour sick children in hospitals and let them cook smores over his flaming backpack.  Now that’s a man I’d like to know.

The Quick:  He’s not really dangerous, but I hate fighting Pin Jockey. That floor wax in his hair coats everything for days afterwards.

Death-Wish:  Complacency.

Ultrafemme:  Johnny Pyschopants is always tough to stop.  The dazzling effect of his Disco Pants of Doom can be horrible, and the fact that he is undead just adds to the problem.

Shield Maiden:  Shrink Ray. That a$$---e can really get in your head if you let him.

Receiver:  He’s not a villain.  He’s too hot to be a villain.

Shield Maiden:  The hell he isn’t!  Besides, he said foe.  Doesn’t have to mean villain.  If I ever come across that guy again I’m going to dysmorphia his body.

Aguaman:  Ballroom Blitz.  Man, I chased after her forever and she would never give it up... I mean give up; you know, surrender and stuff.

The Quick:  And stuff.

Ziggy:  There have been so many rumors.  What’s the real story of what happened to the Crimson Pike?  Tell us of the heroic battle.

 It is standard procedure not to comment on open investigations.  Everyone at CorpCo, Inc. and its subsidiaries offer full cooperation with law enforcement at all times.  Which we are doing.  Without hesitation.  Or reservation.  We recognize that the police, firefighters, and American soldiers are true heroes and they have our deepest respect.

Super Star:  There was lots of smoke--

Vance:  Super Star.

Super Star:  And Dirk insisted on--


Super Star:  It totally wasn’t my fault.

Vance:  Next question.

Ziggy:  Why is the Power Posse limited to six active field heroes?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to increase that number if enough worthy candidates are available, both in terms of expanding opportunities for profitable intellectual properties and for serving the needs of justice?  And weren’t there seven anyway while both Aguaman and Crimson Pike were still active?

Ultrafemme:  We’re not limited to six. For instance, if the Sisters of Might had been up to snuff, they both would have been added to the team. The fact is that it is hard to find heroes that measure up Power Posse standards.

Super Star:  It takes more than rulers to measure our standards.  It takes a heart that beats for justice at all times.

Death-Wish:  If CorpCo tried to bring all the active heroes under its umbrella, more people would realize what’s really going on.

Vance:  What Death-Wish was trying to say is that too many assets can be as problematic as too few.  It can crowd the market... by which I mean the arena... the field of battle.  Everyone gets in the way.

Death-Wish:  No I wasn’t.

The Quick:  Too many heroes can be an issue in a fight.  It’s very easy to trip over each other.

Shield Maiden:  Is that the new excuse?  There were too many of us on the water and we tripped you into Evil Hand?

The Quick: Whatever.

Aguaman:  This active list stuff is bull$--t.  Stop trying to pretend I ain’t a full member of the team.

Vance:  And we value you just as much as the heroes whose merchandise actually sells.

Ziggy:  As is plain to see from the steady stream of applicants coming into CorpCo for your approval, there are many would-be superheroes out there.  What advice does each of you have for the next generation heroes?

Super Star:
 Make sure to treat your beating justice heart right with a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, naps, and the occasional pudding cup when it’s been good, and it will never let you down.

Aguaman: Get a damn good insurance policy.

The Quick:  Take care of business before you go out on patrol.

Death-Wish: Open your eyes.

Ultrafemme:  The three key elements are preparation, preparation, preparation.

Super Star:  That’s one key element.  You just said it three times.

Ultrafemme:  That’s the point.

Super Star:  The point is to do one thing three times?

Ultrafemme:  No, the point is to prepare well.

Super Star:  And then prepare again and then prepare some more?  By that time, the villains have escaped the binding steel of justice.

Ultrafemme:  Nevermind.

Shield Maiden:  Make sure you give your uniform a thorough shakedown before your first appearance.  You don’t want anything to go wrong.

The Quick:  Waaaaiiiittt. Do you mean that story about your “exposure” the first time you fought crime really happened?

Shield Maiden:  NO!  Shut up.  It did not!  And shut up!

Receiver:  Read the fine print on your contract.  Lawyers’ minds can be just as slippery as their words.

Ziggy:  Hypothetical crisis: you all sit down for a team meeting only to discover that there’s just one delicious Top Pot doughnut left.  What do you do?

Super Star:
 We go to the kitchen to get a knife and cut into equal pieces, of course!

Aguaman:  And while he does that, I suddenly remember some urgent filing and snatch it on the way out.

Shield Maiden:  Except that his hand hits an impenetrable bubble, because no one else touches my doughnut.

The Quick:  And that bubble closes over nothing as the doughnut is removed at hypersonic speed.

Receiver:  And it is then placed in my desk at hypersonic speed as someone has the sudden thought that he really needs to take a pee break for the next 20 minutes.  The telepath always wins.

Ziggy:  What do you do to relax when there are no evildoers to be foiled?

 There are always “evildoers.”  You just need to open your eyes and know where to look.

Ultrafemme:  Martial arts are a great way to clear the mind, hone the body, and build up discipline.

Shield Maiden:  Head over to The Mop & Bucket for an appletini or three.

Receiver:  The Mop & Bucket.

The Quick:  The Mop & Bucket.... or stop by a convenient Quick Cafe.

Aguaman:  Yeah, The Mop & Bucket is good.  Head over there after swimming a few laps.

Death-Wish:  A few laps around what?  Your bath tub?

Super Star:  A quick nap, a tasty pudding cup, sign a few resin mini busts or 1st edition comics, and then off to find more evildoers to smite.

Ziggy:  Legions of fans look up to all of you as not just superheroes, but as role models.  What words of wisdom do each of you have for all of your fans out there?

Super Star:
 Stay in school.  Don’t do drugs.  Love thy neighbor.

Ultrafemme:  Be beautiful - inside and outside.

Death-Wish:  Open your eyes.

Super Star:  Floss regularly.  Save 10% of every paycheck.

The Quick:  Don’t let life move too fast.  Take time for yourself with a good cup of coffee at a convenient Quick Cafe.

Super Star:  Don’t feed the animals.  Stop and smell the roses.  Keep off the grass.   And by “grass” I mean the marijuana.

Receiver:  Don’t let what other people think of you get you down.

Aguaman:  Hey, I was going to say that!

Receiver:  No you weren’t.

Super Star:  Drink a moderate amount of red wine (no more than 2 glasses a day for men, and one for women).

Aguaman:  Eat right and exercise.

Super Star: Don’t trust emails from Nigerian government ministers.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Shield Maiden:  Know who your friends are.

Vance:  Be sure to tune in and get exclusive behind the scenes access to The Power Posse at The Collectibles website.

Super Star:  Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present.  Under-promise and over-deliver.

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- Interviews conducted by Ziggy, May-July, 2012

With thanks again to Todd Downing and Dan Heinrich for the unique, fun experience of the in-character interviews. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

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