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2016 Interview Archive

Miranda Sajdak: Action! Representation! MacGyver!
The director of the forthcoming film No Trace discusses that effort, her winning idea for “The Next MacGyver,” how vital it is for women to have representation in Hollywood, and more.

"I was inspired to get into film after seeing a movie by a female director, and I keep wondering how many generations of women directors have been lost if the visibility in the profession just isn't there."

2015 Interview Archive

Drew Hall Drew Hall: Tasty Craft Stuff & Artistic Integrity
The writer and director of Convergence discusses his new film, his steampunk project in progress, and the Comicon experience.

"The marketing machines are huge and – much like a time traveling robot from the future sent to the past – they will find you."

2014 Interview Archive

Lydia Mulvey and Anna Elizabeth James: Zoning In
The writer and director of the forthcoming Post-Apocalyptic short Zone 2 discuss creating the world after the world has ended.

"I love the feeling at the end of a day when you know you've caught gold."

Paul Eenhoorn Paul Eenhoorn: The Words Lead You To The Character
The star of Land Ho! and This is Martin Bonner discusses a life of acting that has taken him from Australia to Seattle to Iceland and beyond.

"It's all in the script; the magic part I think is just being there with cast and crew and creating the moments."

Angela DiMarco and David S. Hogan Angela DiMarco and David S. Hogan: Mighty Positive
As actors, educators, and producers, this mighty couple works to inspire all of Seattle and beyond.

"I am doing what I always wanted to do.  Who am I to be negative and whine about being an actor?"

2013 Interview Archive

Satu Runa Satu Runa: Horror Comedy Is Where It's At!
Actor/Director Satu Runa discusses her horror comedy pilot-in-development, Queen Gorya.

"When I watch TV I want to see the world I live in, not someone's very limited vision of overused stereotypes."

John Portanova and Jeremy Berg
Jeremy Berg and John Portanova: Make The Movie You Want To See
"The October People" talk about their outstanding low budget indie horror thriller, The Invoking.

"For me, the slow burn type of film was it."

Tara Theoharis Tara Theoharis (featuring Kristina Horner): Geeking Out & Kickstarting A Second Season
With fellow producer/actor Kristina Horner, Tara discusses the webseries Job Hunters, and then goes on to talk about living la vida Geek.

"We want to do it right or not at all."

Darlene Sellers: Enter the Rabbit
Creator, writer, director, and actress of/in the webseries Chop SockyBoom.

"Totally rational people often end up doing borderline nutty things to get a project done."

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2012 Interview Archive

Wonder Russell: Athena
Filmmaker Wonder Russell discusses her upcoming transmedia project, Revelation.

"It kept coming back to the process."

The Cast of Revelation: Shake It Out
Lisa Coronado, Jillian Boshart, Jessica Martin, Lisa LeVan, Kay LaVergne Jaz, and Bridget O'Neill discuss the unique experience of filming Revelation.

"Support us and encourage us to make more art.  We can't do this alone."

The Artists of Revelation: Revealing All Behind the Curtain
Artists from many worlds have contributed to Revelation. Ziggy chats with Kris Boustedt, Lindy Boustedt, and Catherine Grealish from the world of cinema, and Ross Pruden and Siolo Thompson from the world of other arts.

"Beauty is the moment of reaction, that pleasure you experience when you see or hear or feel something spectacular."

Persephone Vandegrift: Metamorphosis
Writer/Executive Producer Persephone Vandegrift discusses the difficult script-to-screen journey of her upcoming short film, All Things Hidden.

"I had to do something to start the healing process, not just for myself, but for others."

The Creators of The Sleeper Effect: Take Me to the Pilot
Manchester filmmakers Aidan Belizaire, Andrew Phillips, and Chris Aylward discuss how to make a full-length web pilot on a budget of just 76 Pounds.

"Although it took longer than originally thought, we saw it through."

The Power Posse, Heroes of The Collectibles: Power Posse, Ho!
The superheroes of the Power Posse reveal what goes on behind cublicle walls at CorpCo! (In character!)

"Don’t trust emails from Nigerian government ministers.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Frank Aye, S. Joe Downing, Trish Loyd, Wonder Russell, Lisa Skvarla, and Brian Sutherland tell all!

"You want to see euphoric?  That’s euphoric."

Todd Downing and Dan Heinrich: It's Comedy Gold! Ask Me How I Know!
The co-creators of the webseries The Collectibles discuss the fun and perils of putting superheroes in a cubicle farm.

"The fun definitely trumps any challenges we’ve had."

Peter Feysa: Giving the Clap Back to the World
The Seattle based indie filmmaker discusses his film-in-progress, Hands of Thunder.

"I'd be lying though if I said “Dancing Queen” wasn't a freakin’ inspiration for everything I do."

Jeff Kongs: Making Long Stories Short
The founder and artistic director of the 30 Films prodction team talks about condensing feature plots down to 30 seconds.

"Do you really want to waste 1:47 of your life? 30 seconds is much better."

Michael Flores: How the Weird West Was Wrought
The creator of the webseries Western X talks about the challenges of building a high-end show from the ground up.

"The pressure never stops."

From the Archives of Ziggy's Video Realm

Tilda Swinton: The Idea of Identity
"I always think every film I do is a comedy, and myself, a clown."

Monique Parent: Cool on the Surface, Steamy Underneath
"If it's erotic, it's thrilling!"
Dick Warlock: Dangerous Shape
“HE was in the mask when I put it on.”
Cynthia Rothrock: Kicking Butt and Taking Names
"In Hong Kong, the director always says “hit harder”, and in America, they say “don’t hit so hard”."
Matthew Jason Walsh: Low Budget Evil - Scream of the Writer
"For me, the problem is, most of the stuff I've worked on, I wouldn't rent on a bet."

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