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Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time
Tonight's Webseries Presentation


Starring: Travis Richey, Carrie Keranen, Eric Loya

Written By: Eric Loya, Travis Richey Directed By: Vincent Talenti

See It Here: http://11thinspector.wix.com/theinspector

What Kind Of Cheese Is It?


Tasty on a cracker.

Pairs Well With...


Drink enough of it, and you, too, may feel like a space traveler who can also travel through time.  Possibly with a British accent of questionable veracity.

“We are in the year Three Thousand Million, and this is Second New Old Earth Seven!”

I have a confession to make.  I don’t watch “Doctor Who.”  I’ve seen just enough episodes featuring just enough different incarnations of The Doctor to understand the general framework of things and to get it when people make high level references to the show, but I’ve never felt inclined to jump all the way into it.  (This is mostly a function of my standard formula explaining why I don’t watch much series television, period.  In the time it would take to watch/catch up on a series, I could watch a boatload of different movies or webseries – which tend to have a shorter overall time commitment per story – instead.  Movies and webseries win.  Said formula may also be why I’ve never seen “Community,” which may also be relevant to this discussion.)

Given the above, one would think that I’d be unlikely to have much fun with a webseries that very specifically spoofs “Doctor Who,” such as, say, Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.  After all, spoof humor tends to be funny in direct proportion to a viewer’s deep familiarity with the material being spoofed.  But you know what?  In the case of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, my passing familiarity has proven to be more than adequate, because I was laughing or at least smiling the whole time I watched it… and I’m pretty sure I could have gone in cold and had just as much fun.

The show follows the adventures of The Inspector (Travis Richey) and his, um, companion, Piper (Carrie Keranen), as they – you’ll never see this coming – travel through space and time by way of a telephone booth that is definitely not blue and is not specific to the police, thank you very much.  What this show calls a season, many would call just a short film of barely twenty minutes’ length with the credits shaved, but thanks to very nicely done credit sequence bookends that smartly jab at the BBC and, of all things, “Batman” style cliffhanger narration, this is perfectly fine.  (It’s hard to complain about bite sized episodes when even the bookends are funny.)  Besides, what the creative team behind Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time manages to do during those bite sized episodes is an understated blast.

It starts with the writing, which is sharp, smart, and geeky enough to appeal to a targeted niche while still being easy to appreciate by random audiences at large.  It’s also slick enough to be loaded with dialogue in which characters openly question or complain about plot and story points without actually undermining said plot and story points; indeed, the effect is just the opposite.  Neat trick, that, and it’s pulled off with the assistance of a cast capable of handling the quick, taffy-twisting exchanges.  All of the players are a joy to watch and listen to, with outstanding comic timing that never goes over the top, and a dramatic awareness that allows them all to play everything with a straight face.  I’d like to tell you who my favorite actor here is, but I can’t; they’re all good.

Meanwhile, the visual effects that give Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time its science fiction punch are outstanding given the obviously limited budget, and the minimalistic sets are put to very good use.  This does indeed have as much of the look and feel of a modern British TV show that small money could possibly buy.

I’d tell you more about why I like this show so much, but I don’t want to spoil too much for you.  I’ll just say that whether or not you care about “Doctor Who,” there’s something in Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time for everyone, and it’s worth the small investment of your time to discover what that something is.

I’ll tell you this much: that something is a lot of fun.

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Season 1: "Boyish the Extraordinary" | Six Parts, 3.5 – 6 minutes each

Part 1 – Wherein we are introduced to The Do- er, The Inspector and the story.  Observation #1: I love the detail of the “No Spoilers” sign.  Observation #2: Nice effects.  Observation #3: Hamming it up can be bad, or hamming it up can be good.  This is good.  Observation #4: Optic pocketknife.  Observation #5: The TV announcements are hilarious.

Part 2 – Wherein we find out why an alarm went off on the most peaceful planet ever.  Observation #1: Sworn enemy, archnemesis. Of course they’re different!  Observation #2:  “You will flee, I have flown…”  Ah, grammar nerdery.  Observation #3:  I’m really with Piper during this whole discussion.  I think she’s spot on.  Observation #4: Short, but I understand the break point.

Part 3 – Wherein we find out if the archnemesis warranted two episodes of setup.  Observation #1: “This looks like the room of a very old child.” Apparently, Piper is in my skull.  Observation #2: Oh, very nice insertion of the word “Doctor.”  Observation #3:  I like all of the acting so far, and the wordplay is a lot of fun.

Part 4 – Wherein we get into double trouble.  Observation #1: “Ascots are neat…” Someone get me a Snickers.  Observation #2:  This poor archnemesis is having his fun stolen by stubbornness.  Hehe.  Observation#3:  It takes a brave writer to go with speechlessness in a screenplay.  Good job picking the right spot here.  Observation #4: Did the teaser narration just give away something the episode left out?

Part 5 – Wherein we find out what happens when the good guys flee.  Observation #1: She flees like a sorority girl fresh from the shower running away from a guy in a hockey mask.  In other words… awfully slowly, don’t you think?  Observation #2:  “What the hell are we doing?”  The honesty of the script is brilliantly funny.  Observation #3:  The bad guys are having a spat!  Observation #4: “Some huge cliffhan-”  Roll credits.

Part 6 – Wherein this story doesn’t really come to a conclusion, but the season does, and the spoilers end, and I still have an urge to giggle at that strawberry outfit.

Final Thoughts On The Season:  Well, that was short.  But that’s fine, because it was also good, and also funny.  Even though I still am highly unlikely to dive into the show that it’s spoofing, I will definitely count myself in for the next season of this one.

- Reviewed by Ziggy Berkeley, January 1, 2014

First Review of the New Year

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