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Tonight's Webseries Presentation


Starring: Glynis Mitchell, Carolynne Wilcox, Gabriel Sedgemore, Ralph Fontaine, Michael Montoure

Written By: Glynis Mitchell, Michael Montoure Directed By: Ralph Fontaine

See It Here: http://vimeo.com/watchcausality

Production Website: http://www.watchcausality.com

InitIal Impressions

What Kind Of Cheese Is It?

Still aging, but I'm catching hints of Smoky Cheddar from the sharpness and the darkened air of the unknown.

Pairs Well With...

A thus far unknown whiskey served from a flask, but I can tell you right now that it isn't cheap hooch.

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"You! You know something."

Causality is a web series in progress that builds on the concept of one-way time travel to the past as a means of trying to escape the future.  Apparently, early 21st Century Seattle is a very popular destination, and that is where the majority of the action will take place. 

However, as one of the taglines ominously notes, you can run from your future, but you can’t escape your past…

Thus far, the filmmakers have put up two teasers, a trailer, and a prequel “mini-sode” to whet the appetite.  What I’ve seen so far has blown me away.

The teasers are just that; they set a surreal stage within the confines of the very real world, drawing the audience’s attention to strange graffiti in an alley and suggesting the experience of waking up out of place and out of time (including a beautifully done walk-by past some Christmas carolers on the street).

The trailer takes the audience further into the experience of Holly (Glynis Mitchell), the woman we first met in one of the teasers, focusing primarily on a wonderfully delivered “rant without screaming” set atop a series of flashback images, and cleverly setting the audience up with a series of questions that those who are being hooked will want answers to when the webseries finally makes its debut.

The “mini-sode,” however, is what I watched first.  Set in a war-torn Quebec circa the year 2531, this lets the audience see the process of time travel from the front end via an “exit interview” of sorts which the participant, Dr. Genesee (Carolynne Wilcox), seems very eager to finish so she can get the hell out of Dodge already.   What I saw in those five minutes was polished, fascinating stuff that very much piqued my interest and had me asking way more questions than it answered... as any good teaser piece should do.  What's more, the production values displayed by that “mini-sode,” the teasers, and the trailer not only beat a lot of the direct-to-video/direct-to-web market, but also put the hacks at Syfy (what idiot renamed that network, anyway?) to shame.  Indeed, had I been shown this stuff blind, I would have assumed that it was the lead-in to a fully funded, studio produced commercial sci-fi series.

All things considered, from what I’ve seen so far, it should be.  Between the intriguing premise, the polished production, the attention-getting performances, and the excellent music, why not?  Only, let’s just assume the studio would be there for bank account purposes only, and let these people keep producing things they way they want to, because I’d hate for some network hack to screw it up.

I look forward to what’s coming with extreme interest.  Keep watching this space for more as time goes on, and check in with the Causality production website, too.  Independent filmmakers deserve our support, and the truly exceptional ones really deserve it.

- Previewed by Ziggy Berkeley, April, 2012

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