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Winter Is Gone, But Phoenix Is Rising!

After what felt like an endless Winter, the warmer months are finally here, and what better way to see them in than to go someplace even hotter? That's right, folks, it's almost time for Phoenix Comicon 2016, and Ziggy will be there to check out all the action!

From the cosplay to the film festival and everything in between, stay tuned for Ziggy's dispatches from the field, coming in June!

Look Who's Talking...

Check out our interview with Miranda Sajdak, who discusses her upcoming directorial effort, her winning idea for “The Next MacGyver,” and how very important it is for women to get more representation in Hollywood, and more!

Looking to go further behind the scenes? Be sure to check out our Interviews page! Whether you want to know more about a pair of indie filmmakers, a chop socky star, or an Academy Award winner, you'll find interviews from across the filmmaking spectrum. 

Our Philosophy & Rating System

At Cinema on the Rocks, we believe that whoever said that life is too short to drink cheap wine was an idiot.  After all, how can you truly appreciate the sublime flavor of great Chianti without having also sipped Mad Dog 20/20?  Or, on the other end of things, you may never discover that most Dom Perignon is actually overpriced, overhyped swill until you try the reasonably priced Brut.  This is (and was and shall always remain) the Doom Cheez Philosophy.

Each of our feature-length movie reviews has a short version (call it a "shot"), and a more in-depth long version (think of it as a "highball").  Short film reviews just get the long version. Webseries reviews include an overview look at the series in general, followed by a rundown of highlights from episodes and/or seasons. In all cases, we offer cheese and alcohol pairings with our reviews in lieu of stars or numeric ratings.  (We assume, of course, that you are mature enough to handle these things.) 

Welcome to Cinema on the Rocks. I invite you to please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

-Ziggy Berkeley, proprietor of Cinema on the Rocks

Deep Thoughts

"The trouble with the world is that it's always one drink behind."

- Humphrey Bogart

Doom Cheez Cinema is now Cinema on the Rocks. Thank you for your support!

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